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Oil Tanks

iB Oil Tanks, installation and removal specialists for domestic and commercial heating oil tanks in Kent and East Sussex.

Oil tanks come in many shapes and sizes available in either plastic or steel.

Most oil tanks nowadays are bunded to help comply with modern building regulations and provide a second barrier of defence against oil spills.

Your oil tank is an important part of your heating system that needs annual inspection.

Unfortunately, heating oil tanks are often neglected, and serious problems arise when they start leaking, leading to complex and very expensive clean up operations.

This can be easily avoided by having an annual inspection which can be carried out at the same time as your oil boiler service.

iB Oil Tanks offer the following oil tank services:

  • Supply and installation of new plastic and steel single skin and bunded oil tanks.
  • New concrete tank bases.
  • Fire protection barriers.
  • Emergency oil tank pump outs.
  • Oil lines and trenches.
  • Moiling of oil lines beneath finished surfaces and driveways.
  • Oil tank removal and correct registered disposal.
  • De sludging and removal of water from your oil tank.
  • Oil level watchman’s and theft alarms.
  • Crane lifting of oil tanks over hedges, walls garages etc.
  • Bespoke steel oil tanks manufactured to any size/shape.

New Oil Tanks Supplied & Installed

What to do if your oil tank is leaking

Steel oil tanks, you will need your tank pumped out as soon as possible, In the meantime try to catch the oil in a container, for small spills cat litter can be used to help absorb the oil and prevent ingress into the ground/water course.

Removal & Disposal of Old Tanks

New Oil Tank Bases

Plastic Oil Tanks

If your plastic oil tank has split or cracked, you will also need the tank to be pumped out as soon as possible. If you can see the split or crack a temporary solution is to get a bar of soap and rub it into the crack, this will help stem the flow of oil.

New Oil Lines & Trenches

Q. Why do plastic tanks crack?

A. Plastic tanks split or crack due to the UV rays of the sun breaking down the plastic and causing it to become brittle.

Q, Why do metal tanks start leaking?

A. Rust. Metal tanks can rust from the outside as well as the inside. They can rust from the inside out due to water being in the tank from condensation and rain ingress.

For heating oil supply, we recommend Rye Oils Ltd.


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We offer you the highest quality workmanship and services

Our Service Include;

  • Boiler installation & servicing
  • Gas & oil boilers
  • Central heating installations
  • Power flushing
  • Gas safety inspections
  • Hob & gas oven fitting
  • Landlord safety certificates
  • Immersion tanks

Areas We Cover

We provide gas, oil and plumbing services to homes and businesses across Kent and East Sussex.